Only Americans Burn in Hell, with Jarett Kobek

Episode 191 · October 18th, 2019 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

My guest is Jarret Kobek. His new book is Only Americans Burn in Hell. If you still want to play the game of American life, then you had better learn to lie. Kneel before false gods. Pretend to care about the ruling class and their illusions. Keep your head down. Pray that no one sees you.

Your world is one of endless interruption and constant despair. This is not the future you were promised.

What if someone had navigated the chaos of the Twenty-First Century and solved the puzzle of America's blinding and relentless informational assault? And what if they had put that solution into a novel that explained everything?

This is Only Americans Burn in Hell, true believer.

Rapturously reviewed in the United Kingdom, it's your only guide to 2020 and beyond.

Just remember: every suicide needs its note.