Martin Cohen

Special guest

Martin Cohen is a journalist, editor and author specializing in popular books in philosophy, social science and politics. Recent books include 'Critical Thinking Skills for Dummies' and a look at how scientists work called 'Paradigm Shift' - which sounds rather technical but is actually a great deckchair read, taking a look at many perplexed and perplexing issues in life, from religion to science, from food fads to black holes in space..

Speaking of food fads, Martin's NEW BOOK is a look at food (and philosophy too) with incredible insights into why everything we eat makes us fat, and seems to have more to do with laboratories than farms! It's called 'I Think Therefore I Eat' and it's coming out in the US in November 2018. But it's not just more worries - Martin finds good news in debunking some of the diet myths - and the wonders of foods like... chocolate.

Martin now writes full-time, but in the past has taught philosophy and social science at a number of universities in the UK and Australia, and was involved in a research project exploring ways to shift philosophy teaching away from the the mere study of philosophical facts and toward a view of philosophy as an activity.

An activist environmentalist, he wrote an influential series of articles in the Times Higher (London) about the politics of the climate change debate. He has written discussion papers on environmental concerns for the European Parliament and been invited by the Chinese government to discuss ecological rights and indigenous communities.

As an editor, his strategy is to allow as wide a range of ideas as possible a forum and he loves articles by non-specialists with unusual and original ideas. He is currently based in Aquitaine, France, but travels often to the US and UK.

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