Marcus Rempel

Special guest

Marcus Peter Rempel and his family live at Ploughshares Community Farm in South St. Ouen’s, Manitoba. A son of Mennonite mission workers, Rempel has been a cross-culture kid all his life, an insider and an outsider wherever he lives. Professionally, he has been an occupational therapist, a mental health clinician, a hydro justice worker, a market gardener and a pastor.

In the fall of 2018 Marcus is returning to school for his Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, which he will apply toward work with an Indigenous Family Reunification pilot project at the Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre, just a few twists of the Brokenhead River downstream from Ploughshares. As an inheritor of a tradition that broke up Indigenous families via the residential school system, Marcus is deeply honoured to be invited into an effort to reduce the apprehensions of Indigenous children by Child and Family Services and rebuild Indigenous families in a healing place rooted in traditional teachings and ceremony.

Most of Marcus' creative juices as a communicator are flowing into The Ferment these days, a podcast he co-hosts with chant & songwriter Alana Levandoski.

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