Lauren Duca

Special guest

Lauren Duca is an award-winning and -losing journalist focused on building equitable public power by empowering young people — and especially young women — to insist on their right and duty to the political conversation. You may know her from her massively viral piece "Donald Trump is Gaslighting America” or a Fox News appearance opposite Tucker Carlson, during which she either emerged as a feminist hero or had a seizure on national television (it all depends on confirmation bias, really). Since being catapulted to the public eye shortly after the 2016 election, Duca has been researching and reporting on the post-Trump youth political awakening. In September 2019, she published “How to Start a Revolution: Young People and the Future of American Politics,” which seeks to document and sustain the shift from passively navigating a broken system to actively seeking to change it. She’s mostly trying to get you to follow her on Twitter: @laurenduca.

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