Jordan Al-Zu’Bi

Special guest

Jordan AlZuBi is an insurance economist, specialized in healthcare insurance. He is currently a visiting scholar at Emory University in Atlanta. He is also affiliated in the finance department at University of Queensland Business School. He shows a particular interest in the areas of informational asymmetries and behavioral finance/economics, which are of special importance to a deep understanding of risk and insurance. More specifically, his research is focused on the role of religion and culture on asymmetric information, fraud, and switching cost in the healthcare insurance markets. Further, Jordan shows a particular interest in the areas of Islamic insurance, and finance.

Prior moving to UQ Business School in January 2019, Jordan was affiliated with Florida State University’s PhD program in Risk Management and Insurance. He was the only candidate admitted with full scholarship at their PhD program in summer 2015, and he had exceptional GMAT score (770/800). The doctoral program at Florida State University prepared him to perform high quality of academic research in risk management, insurance and finance.

In September 2009, he moved to the U.S. and started studying English to develop his professional skills in speaking, writing and listening. Research and teaching are his passions. Not only does he enjoy what he does, but he believes it is his purpose and strength.

Interesting Facts: Jordan is a native of Jarash City, Jordan, where he grew up primarily on his grandfather's farm in a very small village called “Nahleh” (“Bee” in English). He comes from a large, well-educated family of nine brothers and three sisters. His Jordanian name is “Ahmad”, and he goes by Jordan as it makes him feel home. Jordan is a proud Jordanian, a proud Jarashi, and a proud Nahlawi.

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