Jennifer Briney

Special guest

Hi. I’m Jen Briney. I’m the host of Congressional Dish.

My husband and I currently live in Walnut Creek, CA but I was raised and went to school in Southern California. I have a degree in Communications from Loyola Marymount University. Congressional Dish is my full time job.

I have no affiliation with anyone with power in Washington D.C., any political party, or any political organization. I was a registered Republican in 2000 (before I knew anything about politics), a registered Independent in 2004 (before I knew that was a political party), and I’m now registered as “unenrolled”.

In December of 2010, I saw Tom Cole (R-OK) on C-SPAN successfully attach an amendment protecting secret campaign contributions into a government funding bill; that’s when I started reading the Congressional Record. After reading the bills, I realized that there is a lot of important news inside of them that is going uncovered. A year later, after teaching myself how to create a website and a podcast, Congressional Dish was born.

Jennifer Briney has been a guest on 3 episodes.