Dan Conway

Special guest

Dan Conway is an expert on crypto culture, decentralization and corporate America, where he spent most of his career.

He’s had a number of Forrest Gump moments. At Macromedia he was at the epicenter of the dot com boom as PR Manager for Flash. Five years before YouTube was invented he started his own prank video site, Bricksuitcase.com. At PeopleSoft, when software started eating the world, he led PR for the first international launch of its enterprise software package. Then he naturally left tech for grocery, where he served as Director of Government Relations at Safeway. Finally, he ascended to an executive position at a Fortune 20 company.

Conway’s PR firm, Zealot Communications, focused on crypto projects and was sought out by clients all over the world. He is the founder of one of the first Ethereum meetups in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Conway has been a top writer on Medium since 2015 and edits two publications: Citizen Crypto and The Drone. Two of his most widely read stories are Career Transitions, Crafting your Medium Humble-Brag, and Investing in Ethereum: What can you handle for 30x returns?. His essays have been reprinted in Business Insider, Cuepoint, Mid-Century Modern and Fatherly.com.

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